Mirror ® Free

From the developers that brought you Flashlight ® comes the next great, must-have utility application. Introducing Mirror ® Free. No other App will make YOU look this good!

If you like Mirror ® Free, you’ll love the paid version “Mirror ®” with many more features and no ads.
• 6 Additional Scale Options
• 6 Additional Color Options
• 6 Additional Frame Options
• Ability to take photos in the App
• Ability to upload photos to Facebook
• Email Photos from within the App


Features Include:

1. True Mirror ™ – Our Proprietary Formula Emulates a Physical Mirror
When you need a REAL Mirror, You’ll Only Find It Here!
2. 50% – Matches Camera App for super wide angle and group photos
3. 250% – For maximum zoom when you really need it
Buy the paid version “Mirror ®” for 6 additional scale options.

1. Standard – No color correction applied for smoothest video
2. Grayscale – When the lighting isn’t right, Grayscale can’t go wrong
3. More Red – Look good even in fluorescent light
Buy the paid version “Mirror ®” for 6 additional color options.

1. Golden – You look like a Million Bucks Baby!
2. No Frame – You look marvelous darling. Absolutely.
3. Valentine – Get that loving feeling
Buy the paid version “Mirror ®” for 6 additional frames.

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all?”
YOU ARE! with Mirror ® from i4software™.

By i4software

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